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Nan Province - Buddhism vs. Islam
Northern Thailand becomes perhaps the first location outside the southern region that brings concealed ethnic sensitivities to the fore. Provincial Buddhist monks object to any mosques being built in the province. Use mouse for rollover image showing over 1,000 protesters gathered to object to mosque in province.

25 March 2105 -
From Khao Sod English

B uddhist monks in the northern province of Nan, Thailand have sprung into action to object to any construction of mosques in the province. As a compromise they are discussing with authorities smaller places of Islamic worship. Some of the protesters a few days earlier in March stated that Muslims in Nan should go to the south to establish peace there first before building any mosque locally. More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

Roiet Anti-Dam Public Hearing
. Over 200 members of the public attended a recent public hearing in Roiet to listen and express opinions on government water management plans. Photo courtesy Manager Online.

21 November 2013 -
Transedited from Manager Online

R oiet - the Chee River Basin Group protests against opening of a public hearing on the 5.3 billion Baht water management projects that they allege do not benefit the public but instead further impacts them, as well as adding new problems with the unsolved old ones. The new problems will pile up. The results of such past projects only reflect the failures of national administration by the government. Recently in the Plaanchai Room of the Roiet City Hotel a subcommittee charged with arranging a public hearing and part of the committee on water management and flooding joined with Roiet provincial management to hold the public hearing for the 3.5 billion Baht project... More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

Russian ATM Scam in Korat
Listen to audio headline news report here. On 18 November 2013 two Russian nationals and a Thai tourist policeman napped in Korat for robbing ATM accounts. Stay tuned for complete translation from Manager Online. Use mouse for rollover. Photos courtesy Manager Online.

19 November 2013 -
Hear latest audio update for NE Thailand news today here.
From Thailand New Agencies

T wo Russian nationals and a Thai tourist policeman were arrested yesterday in Korat after investigations leading to surveillance. When the two Russians were observed to be spending an inordinate amount of time at a local ATM, they were apprehended together with lots of cash and fake ATM cards. Their Thai accomplice, who had attempted to flee, was also caught. More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

November 24th Day of Reckoning

Suthep speaking during an earlier Parliament speech.

18 November 2013
From Thailand New Agencies

P rotest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has announced the fall of the Thaksin Regime on Sunday when the number of Thai people’s endorsements on a petition to impeach 310 MPs who voted for the amnesty bill will reach one million. In yet another harsh speech at the Democracy Monument last night, the former deputy prime minister said protesters will fight together until the Thaksin regime is totally wiped out of Thai society. He called on Bangkok protesters to come out to fight against the government on Rajdamnoen Avenue and said that those in the provinces should simultaneously hold similar activities which will eventually stimulate civil servants to rise up in arms against the current government.. More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

500,000 Bht. To Semi-Naked Thief

In Tak province on 16 November 2013, armed with a pair of underpants a thief was still able to get away with half a million Baht. Photo courtesy Khao Sod.

17 November 2013
From Khao Sod

Illegal immigrant apparently took advantage of an unwary shop owner recently and made off with a sizeable haul, certainly enough to buy the pair of trousers he was noted to have been missing.

A man in his underpants has stolen ฿500,000 worth of belongings from a computer store in Tak province, said Mae Sod Police. Mr. Somphop, the owner of the computer shop, said he noticed his house has been robbed and later alerted police to investigate the scene. Mr. Somphop claimed he lost ฿70,000 cash, gold ornaments, and diamond rings, in total worth of nearly ฿500,000. CCTV video shows that the nearly naked man broke into the shop from the second floor before entering Mr. Somphop’s working room. More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

High-Stakes Ruling Wednesday

On 20 November 2013, Thailand's Constitutional Court is set to rule on whether Coalition Parliamentary members acted criminally in proposing amendments to the nation's charter to the way senators are chosen. If found guilty, the entire ruling party coalition could be disbanded.

16 November 2013
From The Nation

Thailand could be facing yet another political party dissolution if the kingdom's Constitutional Court determines that coalition parliament members acted criminally in pushing for changes the way Thailand's senators are chosen. The Pheu Thai coalition has campaigned for an entirely elected senate and proposed other constitutional changes.

DESPITE mounting pressure against the government over the now-dormant bill on a blanket amnesty, political changes are unlikely to come from street protests alone. No matter how long they have dragged on, or how large they have got, such demonstrations in Thailand have never led to a change in government - at least not without intervention by an established institution such as the military. The Constitutional Court has sometimes made rulings that led to changes in the government, such as verdicts against a ruling party or a prime minister that eventually forced their collapse. Next Wednesday, the court is scheduled to deliver its verdict in a case filed against parliamentarians who voted for a constitutional amendment to change the Senate election system and the four coalition parties that backed that amendment. They are accused of violating the existing charter. More at Headlines. Also write to the editor at Ed. Comments are always welcome.

"Loy, Loy Krathong!" ฯ

The romantic and the respecfful all gather together in a couple of days, 17 November 2013 to celebrate Thailand's famous Loy Krathong Festival. Each province in the kingdom celebrates it in its own way. For latest Loy Krathong schedules, see link.

Special note: Many media sources have referred to the ICJ's November ruling on Phra Vihear as a verdict. It is not. A verdict is a decision reached during a jury trial. The correct term in this case would be judgment or ruling, but not verdict.

Khana Ratsadorn II?
Some eighty years ago a small group of Thais, seeking change to the absolute monarchy system, banded together to overthrow it and install a constitutional monarchy. Today yet another coalition, this one far broader, seeks to remove a government succored by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." The United States Declaration of Independence. More at Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome.

22 Injured In Minibus Accident

Nakhon Phanom (NKP) Minibus carrying students form two local schools overturns on highway, injuring twenty two. Photo courtesy Manager Online.

13 November 2013
Transedited from Manager Online (orig.Thai)

An accident occurred in Na Kae district of Nakhon Phanom on 13 November 2013 when a minibus carrying students from Na Kae Samakeewittaya and Na Kae St. Joseph's overturned on the highway to avoid hitting a motorcycle, injuring 22, one seriously. More at Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome. Also see letter from Klaus.

Nong Khai Train Back on Track

State Railway of Thailand workers put derailed train back on track, citing poor tie. Photo courtesy Manager Online. Use mouse for rollover.

12 November 2013
Transedited from Manager Online (orig.Thai)

State railway workers have completed reinstating rail service to the Upper northeast of Thailand by setting a train back on track that had derailed because of what was said to be a concrete tie that had become tilted.

Media reports unveiled the latest status of a train derailment that took place in Udornthani province recently, causing yet further disruption to heavily-trafficked route that reaches the Thai -Lao borders on each side of the Mekong River. More at Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome.

Loy Krathong Misfire - a hand!

Mahasarakham residents severely injured by firecrackers that went off in preparation for Loy Krathong festivities. Hospital reports fingers could not be reattached. Photo courtesy Manager Online.

12 November 2013
Transedited from Manager Online (orig.Thai)
See Loy Krathong 2013 information here. 17 November 2013
See - Non-related incident, see New York legal judgment over TV host and burned-with-rice sock-viewer.

Losing five fingers because of an accident involving explosives is a horribly unjust cut of the cards especially given that the fireworks that caused the accident were being prepared for use in the coming Loy Krathong festival. But to male residents of Mahasarakham province discovered recently that explosives like this, if not handled properly, can be dangerous and deadly.

On 11 November 2013, MAhasarakham Hospital reported that it had recently operated on two men who had to be given emergency treatment because of injuries suffered when working with fireworks. One of the two victims had five fingers amputated, the other his entire hand. Mr. Issaret Somsrisai, aged 20, resident of Tambol Huaytai, Kutrang district of Mahasarakham received injuries from fireworks that exploded in his hand. The explosion resulted initially in the loss of five fingers, but after consideration doctors opted to amputate the entire hand to prevent infection. In addition to the hand injury, the victim also had abrasions and related injuries over his body. More at Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome.

ICJ Nixes Hopes/Fears

The International Court of Justice today, 11 November 2013, issued its judgment over the claim and counter-claim by Thailand and Cambodia as regards sovereignty in areas near the temple. Definition of promontory provided.

11 November 2013

The World Court, of International Court of Justice today announced its decision regarding uncertainties and disputes between Thailand and Cambodia that built up since the original 1962 ICJ decision "awarding" Phrea Vihear, the Khmer sanctuary, to Cambodia. Essentially little has changed, Cambodia's sovereignty over the sanctuary was reaffirmation, but a bit more definition on what land around the temple actually went with that sovereignty. For the ICJ press release today, please click on the link provided. Basically, Thailand and Cambodia were also reminded of their mutual international obligations. See our editorial on this issue. Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome.

Veterans Day In Korat (audio)

Coinciding with Veteran's Day held in the United States each 11th day of the 11th month (November 11) which is also the same date that the end of World War I is commemorated, Veterans/members of the VFW in Korat will hold ceremonies at Wat Pho at 11:00 hrs. and a luncheon to follow at the Sima Thani Hotel.

11 November 2013

Veterans of Foreign Wars members, or VFW, commemorate military service and remember their comrades, fallen and those surviving, who gave service to war efforts throughout the world. The event is held the 11th of November each year by Americans. In Korat, the commemoration will take place at Wat Pho at 11:00 hrs. on 11 November 2013. Headlines. Ed. Comments are always welcome.

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