Sayings and Life Thereof...

Late Abbot of Watpa Salawan, Korat
Luang Pho Phut, 'Thaniyo'

Luang Pho Phut - late abbot of Watpa Salawan, left, with Luangta Mahabua, right. Photo, far right, Lamtakhong Reservoir, near Pakchong.
Builder of Wat Wah Phu Kaew, Sikiew

Thaniyo - Luang Pho Phut

Luang Pho Phut, a protege of Luangta Mahabua, was a fine man and scholar of the Middle Path, a robed gentleman who visited various Buddhist sites throughout Asia. He expounded the important concept that Buddhism, or indeed, deep religious conviction, need not be taken to the temple, but that it can and indeed should, start in the home and be continuously practiced there.

Born: 8 February 1921
Died: 15 May 1999 aged 78 years.
Protege of luang Pu Mun
Funeral rites presided over by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit & His Royal Highess the Crown Prince
Previously visited by His and Her Majesties


  Thaniyo Worships - 2549 (2006)

94 pages.
Chuanphim Printing, Bangkok
68 chapters, from "Offerings to His Majesty"[pg.1] to "Measuring Results of Practice." [an introspective approach by Buddhist practioners, pg. 94]






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