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About the Korat Post

(Updated 30 March 2015 )

Important: As of 2007, we are online only, and all content is published within the United States.

the Vision - Mission - Objectives of the Korat Post

Publication Schedule - tel. 03-1002277

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The Korat Post published, previously, 2000 copies once a month, tabloid format, 12 pages, four-color covers and two inside pages - the remainder is B&W. Our covers are generally not available for advertising space as it has been reserved already for that purpose, unless we we a firm competitive quote for one year which we would then assess.

Our monthly schedule

27th to printer
26th final proofreading, final changes
20th draft layout - all advertising due
18th 60% completion
10th 25% completion - posting of current issue on website
6th all mailing current issue completed
3rd issue on newsstands
2nd distributed to businesses, industries, travel centers, etc.
1st distributed to local hotels

Vision Statement

The Korat Post is a local English language newspaper produced and published in Thai land's northeast province of Nakhonratchasima (Korat, Khorat). We strive to increase information exchange between Thai and non-Thai readers of events, personalities, news and all types of information that will provide insight and benefit to all concerned.

Mission Statement

The Korat Post is dedicated to increasing the interchange and flow of information between northeast Thailand academic, government, private and public agencies and groups and those of the foreign English language community whether here in Thailand or abroad, to promote further awareness and symbiosis in the exchange of ideas. We also endeavor to augment government and non-government objectives in furthering the education and opportunities available to the people of northeast Thailand and those who live and visit the region. To achieve this, the Korat Post will and does:

* Provide information and ideas in a public format (hardcopy and online) to increase the free flow of democratic-based information, and to offer a widely-available information resource to planners, administrators, decision makers, and other agencies and groups found in Thai society.

* Promote greater awareness and understanding on the part of northeast Thailand of the need to engage in more English language information resources.

* Act as a regional and community resource that can be accessed by all to provide information, resources, documentation, references, listings, contact information, translation services, and referrals.


* Constantly provide information online, in printed format, and in presentations to further our mission.

* Expand networking with local agencies and institutions to obtain additional resources and outlets.

* Increase advertising revenue and value-added services to existing and new advertisers.

* Increase international profile and scope by research, distribution, testimonials and in networking with others.
* Increase market presence through subscription sales.

* Strengthen already-existing networking with The Nation and Korat Daily newspaper organizations to obtain further support and recognition.

* Set up a permanent training resource that clearly incorporates principles of free speech, democracy, and ethics.

* Periodically review our vision, mission and objectives to inquire that they work and are appropriate for current and future conditions and markets.

About the Korat Post...

Our newspaper has operated intermittently since its founding in April 1999 (license no. 1/2542) generally because of lack of interest and support from the local business, academic and government communities. In fact, even a couple senior members of a vital business organization have promised us support but given none. This is, unfortunately, one of the risks of doing business in Thailand - false assurances.
Operating independently, as our homepage indicates, has advantages as well as drawbacks. First, we do not need to halt publication because of advertising withdrawals. Secondly, what appears in our publication is, as close as we can make it, the truth and factual without shading from local interests. This policy and its execution means that readers will have presented to them the facts with editorial comment and relevant background to be able to make an informed decision or come to a balanced conclusion. How many other newspapers in Thailand provide this kind of product?
Our special emphasis on NE Thailand, and specifically, Korat, offers readers information they can not obtain elsewhere without a great deal of expensive and time consuming effort.


We used to distribute through three agents in Korat, who then place copies to major local hotels, and another two major hotels in each NE province. More copies were sent to 10 TAT offices nationwide, 25 chambers of commerce in Bangkok, 25 more embassies, etc. So we tried to make those copies go as far as possible to people who are more likely to benefit from the content. Recently, we have been asked to distribute in Pattaya by another distributor there. At this time we are not doing subscriptions.

The paper's owner and editor, Mrs. Tongmuan Anderson, is a Korat native, born on 15 June 1945 in Muang district. Her father, Sirinat, migrated to Thailand from India. Her mother, Tim, was the daughter of a local village leader. Both parents are deceased. Mrs. Anderson has traveled the world, living in Iran for five years and Saudi Arabia (Aramco-Dhahran) for nineteen more with her American husband where they brought up their two sons, Paul and Ben. Paul went on to graduate from the University of New Haven in Connecticut, USA, with a bachelor in criminal justice, and now works for an investigation firm in Bangkok. Ben graduated with a degree in English, and now works in the records department of a hospital in Connecticut.

Note: Interested in value-added translation? We are the only translation service that we know of that provides editorial comment - if you ask for it. We do reverse translations so you can check your translators. Contact the Korat Post.

Reporters & News Gathering

Because we are a small local newspaper, we currently do not employ full time staff or reporters. We contract individual local reporters on an assignment basis, either for individual articles or for a series. As well, we have reached agreements with local Thai language publications to translate their articles into English for publication.

Any contact with the newspaper should be directed to its editor and publisher, Mrs. Tongmuan Anderson, tel. 044-958728.

Wanted: "Memorable" Thai government official statements for unique publication. Email us with the statement, source, details.

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