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Frank G Anderson
Registered Republican at age 18 in 1962 at East Aurora High School, East Aurora, New York

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26 October 2013

Editorial comment - The following represents the opinion of the writer, and may or may not reflect the opinion of others.

Once again Americans' rights to privacy, even decently circumspect privacy as afforded by their constitution, seem under threat as yet newer and newer spying revelations hit the headlines. This week it was spying on France and Germany. Nothing unusual there, perhaps? Well, the two European powers seem to think so, and are trying to mask intense disquiet with overt diplomatic politeness. And as for Americans themselves who are really P.O.'d at their Uncle Sam for wanton lying and spying on them online, on telephones and in places public and private, basically Americans are being told "drop dead!"

Press conferences? More like private announcements and "No questions asked."

Cybersecurity Threat - Once again, from Uncle Sam

See initial report on this URL -


American Free Speech Immunity Act?

12 February 2012

Americans abroad, and of course, our fellow compatriots at home are invited to browse online resources for information on 2012 elections, candidates, voting procedures, state-by-state demographics and candidate status, forms and the latest news that affects our rights at home and abroad.

As an item of immediate interest to all Americans who travel abroad...or, in their own coun try, wish to express themselves, a note of caution:

In August 2010 President Obama signed into law the Speech Act, designed to protect Americans at home from foreign incursions against their First Amendment free speech rights. While the president was emphatic about the intent of the law, the single-most important loophole in it is that Thailand specifically, and other nations, are able to monitor, record and use for criminal prosecution any acts or speech by persons worldwide, including within the United States. This means that should an American visit Thailand he or she may unknowingly become subject to arrest and detention, and subsequent imprisonment for a decade or more, for online or any other public expression of opinion that Thai authorities have legislated to fall under Thai jurisdiction. See Thai Criminal Code Word version, in English, here, and the infamous Thai Computer Crime Act of 2007, in English, here. Perhaps another Act by the post 2012 Election President, tentatively called the American Free Speech Diplomatic Innunity Act, should be consdiered that provides all American persons with expression of opinion diplomatic immunity, retroactively, to protect them as they travel the globe. See Thailand internet censorship at Wikipedia here.

As an American afficianado of freedom of expression, (by country) responsible journalism, transparency of government and with deep concern for the life and safety of Americans who travel to foreign countries, I advocate to fellow Americans and like-minded supportes of responsible state conduct to kindly work together to support some kind of US government move to protect expression of opinion by Americans not just in the United States, but to protect the safety and security of American persons who express opinions or conduct actions within the United States that may or may not be offensive to the Kingdom of Thailand, but which at any rate would provide First Amendment-type immunity to persons who express themselves within the United States and/or on US-servers or other types of US-based media, while those persons travel abroad, especially to Thailand. This is also to encourage congressional respresentatives in both Houses of Congress to kindly evaluate this issue and to consider legislation that will provide adequate protection to Americans from archaic legislation legitimate only because it can be enforced within the countries it is created.

Frank G Anderson

8 November 2006

I sent the following to ACA HQ in Switzerland this morning. Anyone else with ideas or comments, kindly feel free to write us or ACA directly.

8 November 2006

Greetings from ACA in Thailand. I know you are busy:

1. But - much of the information in the text for Partnering for Progress is very out of date; for example, citing something that will occur in 2000.

2. I am wondering, for example, how perhaps overseas Americans might be able to contribute more fully to ACA updates, perhaps similar to those done by Wikipedia, except that an ACA moderator in Geneva/Washington, etc., finalizes and approves the posting before it is put online.

3. Also, I am wondering about an overseas Americans linkup with home-based Americans in their respective states to coordinate important issues for both the American at home and the one abroad. This partnership can improve communications and hopefully lead to better and more effective coordination and congressional action.

4. I also think we need an ACA blog. Check out this local blog at It is really well-orgnized, looks good and works. I can talk with the moderator if you wish to see about the code, or you may already have an alternative in mind...

Thanks from the Land of Smiles.

Frank G Anderson


Dear Udorn and Khon Kaen Area American Citizens,

The Consular Section of the American Embassy in Bangkok is pleased to inform you of an upcoming Embassy consular visit to Khon Kaen. Consular staff will be available to provide consular services on Friday, June 3, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Sofitel Raja Orchid, at 9/9 Prachasumran Road in Khon Kaen.
This will likely be the last consular visit to Khon Kaen until the end of the year. Please spread the word concerning this visit among other American citizens you know in the area!
The following consular services will be available:
- Passport renewal applications (US $67.00 or baht 2680 for adult passports)**
- Additional passport pages (no charge)
- Notarial services (US $30 or baht 1,200 for the first notarial; US $20 or baht 800 for each additional)**
- Embassy registration information and/or address change
- Absentee ballot application and voting abroad information
- Tax forms
- Limited social security, VA or other federal benefits information
**We ask that you bring correct change
NOTE: Applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad cannot be processed during outreach trips, but information packets will be available.
If you have any questions, please e-mail: or call the American Citizen Services Unit at: 02.205.4049.
We look forward to seeing you on June 3, 2005.
American Citizen Services
U.S. Embassy Bangkok

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The U.S. Embassy Consular Section is located at 95 Wireless Road,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand (Nearest BTS Skytrain station: Phloen Chit)

American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit Window Hours:
Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 11 AM and 1 - 2 PM
The ACS Unit is Closed all American and Thai holidays, and the last Friday of every month.

Tel: +66-2-205-4049 Fax: +66-2-205-4103

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Frank G Anderson
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