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Frank G Anderson has previously written weekly column for the popular but now closed website, authoring a weekly column Thai traditions, covering politics, society, and other Thailand-related subjects, including lèse majesté. Currently he writesa column for titled
He is founder and editor of the Korat Post newspaper, which can be found online at His regular contributions regarding ethics in Asia media can be found at Eye on Ethics - Asia Media Forum.
Under an established pen name, he authors a column for a German language Website (English version here), Free Thai, at The articles concern the important subject area of lèse majesté. In so joining this website, he has also joined hands with the caliber of Sulak Sivalak and others who have stenuously campaigned for an end to Thailand's harsh Article 112 of the criminal code also known as the lese majeste law.
See author's own lèse majesté pages on, and his work on media ethics reform at Eye on Ethics: The Asia Media Forum. A list of his published articles appears below, provided with links where applicable. Because of his expression of views related to advocates of lese majester law enforcement and reckless allegations, Mr. Anderson has been investigated for criminal defamation. It is believed that the cases against him are being pursued out of criminal malice and for purposes of intimidation.
For several years, Mr. Anderson wrote a monthly column and feature articles for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine and Freshwater & Marine Aquarium MAgazine. He was a long-standing contributing editor for the latter.

Eye on Ethics - Asia Media Forum

Upholding The Mission of the Fourth Estate

Ethical Reform in the Thai Media
April 2012 issue, Finding a PI in Thailand
Published from main offices in 4400 Route 9 South, Suite 1000
P.O. Box 7198, Freehold, NJ 07728-7198 United States of America
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The Dead Do Talk
(Translated core of material from personal autobiography for this book)
Washinton, D.C City Buzz

* Thailand's fickle political fortunes November 21, 2008

* Thailand’s three gems losing their gleam? November 14, 2008

* Can Obama make a difference? November 07, 2008

* Thailand's conflicting images October 31, 2008

* Corruption OK if life is good October 24, 2008

* Thailand's spats with 'friendly' neighbors October 17, 2008

* Yet another coup for Thailand? October 10, 2008

* Overcharging and overdrinking October 03, 2008

* Limits on freedom of speech in Thailand September 26, 2008

* No change in Thai politics September 19, 2008

* The tyranny of Thai nationalism September 12, 2008

* Every which way but loose September 05, 2008

* Democracy, voting and informed consent September 01, 2008

* Thailand: Out of balance, lacking checks August 29, 2008

* Thailand’s shaky coffers August 25, 2008

* Thailand’s judiciary – Thaksin’s nemesis August 15, 2008

* Those who talk, those who walk August 08, 2008

* A taxing judgment for Thaksin August 01, 2008

* Fascism Thai style July 25, 2008

* Thailand's trafficking shame July 14, 2008

* Two tales of one temple July 01, 2008

* Church and state in Thailand June 18, 2008

* Who charges who with insulting Thai king? June 09, 2008

* Another Thai government on the way out? June 02, 2008

* Amending Thailand's new Constitution May 30, 2008

* The price of speech in Thailand May 23, 2008

* Buddhism, democracy and dictators May 16, 2008

* Policies and politics of ethanol May 09, 2008

* Upholding the mission of the Fourth Estate May 05, 2008

* Lese majeste in Thailand April 28, 2008

* Division and liberty in Thailand April 21, 2008

* When does tea money turn to extortion? April 15, 2008

* How Thai elections are really rigged April 11, 2008

* Thailand's information oppression April 04, 2008

Eye on Ethics

Needed: Ethical Reform in the Thai Media - 21 November 2008

Dilemma in Thailand: Thai Media Ethics and Thai social reality - 19 September 2008

Upholding the Mission of the Fourth Estate - 7 May 2008

Written under pen name Brian Knight

The Korat Post Online (The former government-registered hardcopy monthly publication has been closed and unregistered.)
Owner and Editor
Editorial pages - note that the bulk of translated [Thai to English] articles was also done by the author.

Free Thai - German Language Articles about Thailand, including lese majeste issues

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Hate Speech:

Hobby-related: ...And Still King, a guidebook and manual on keeping the discus fish. Published in 1993 by Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine (now reorganized) this book provides a quick tour followed by detailed comments on how to care for and raise this fascinating South American cichlid. Limited collector copies available online. See here.

Written under pseudonym - Brian Knight. Why Americans are leaving Saudi Arabia. 1984


Detailed personal work history

Objective: Seeking editorial, translation, administrative, lecturing, consulting position, and/or specialized photography assignments; part-time or full time, contract.

Skills: Fluent in spoken Thai, able to read and translate from Thai to English, and edit English translations of Thai news and reports. Can use woodshop and hand tools – home carpentry. Capable with PageMaker, PhotoShop, photography, newspaper layout.


  • Prepared a business plan for, founded and edited, NE Thailand’s first English language newspaper, the monthly tabloid the Korat Post. Performed/directed all phases of production, including layout, design, translation (Thai to English), photography, editing, attending seminars, etc. Directed part-time staff of 4-5. Previous Thailand-based editorial work includes reporting for The Investor and Business in Thailand magazines on freelance basis.
  • Edited and translated (Thai to English) legal correspondence and documents, ranging from letters to case decision summaries and reports, for large law firm in Bangkok – Tilleke & Gibbins. For newspaper, translated information from local media, seminars, meetings, government documents, court cases, etc. Also work as freelance translator (Thai-English) online for two Bangkok agencies.
  • Completed MBA in Information Management. Thesis: the Korat Post.
  • Began city-wide photographic project of Nakhonratchasima City, capital of Thailand’s largest province, Nakhonratchasima. Intended for mapping, real estate and newspaper file reference, this work consists of photographing individual buildings (commercial, residential, government, etc.) along city streets, and assembling a database/online reference containing the photos, map coordinate information, and individual reference on each building, place of business, etc. Began in early 2007 as an individual initiative, this is an on-going personal endeavor using digital photography, MS Office, PhotoShop and Dreamweaver.
  • Wrote procedures manual and company-wide (Saudi Aramco) General Instruction on methods to successfully coordinate infrastructure and other projects internally and externally. Wrote similar but shorter version as an introduction of company project review procedures for government agencies.
  • Provided orientation seminars to newly hired employees and spouses on Saudi Arab customs, cultural dos and don’ts, legal aspects of living in Saudi Arabia, contact information, etc.
  • Supervised a small office of 6-10 staff advisers, multinational, involved in coordinating incoming and outgoing corporate correspondence and resolution of subject matter contained in it by assigning action and followup as needed.


A.A.S. Construction Technology (SUNY-affiliate) Erie Country Community College

A.G.S. General Studies (Purdue, IN) 1982

B.G.S. General Studies (Purdue, IN) 1983

MBA Information Management (Completed June 14, 2000), ISIMU, Denver, Colorado (Now ASPEN University)

Past Professional Employment
  Detailed resume available upon request only.